Preventive Maintenance Plans

Preventative Maintenance is essential for extending the life of your commercial systems and reducing your bills over time.

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HVAC Maintenance

We will check the operational integrity and condition of your HVAC equipment including the: 

* Refrigerant  & Compressors        
* Fan Amps & Thermostats
* Condenser & Evaporator Coils     
* Air Leaks  & Electrical Connections

We will also lubricate parts, flush and vacuum your drain line, and clean the exterior of your equipment

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Boiler Maintenance

* Record all settings on each visit     
* Corrosion control   
* Cleaning exterior & interior 
* Checking ignition system & measuring exhausts 
* Performing combustion analysis

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Chiller Maintenance 

* Record keeping of pressure and refrigeration
* Inspections & cleanings of condenser troughs and spray nozzles
* Proper lubrication of all parts

We will also perform annual chiller maintenance tasks on:
* Pressure Relief Valves  & Gauges  
* Vent Lines     
* Sump & Compressor Heaters   
* Safety Controls  & Electrical Connections

Jetting Maintenance

Keep your drain system clean, free-flowing, and odor-free:
* Cleaning slow drains & cracks using snake cameras   
* Water pressure testing
* Removing tree roots near sewer lines to prevent the need for future re-pipes

Lift Station Maintenance

* Check pumps to ensure they are intact and running
* Verify panel controls and voltage
* Ensure floats are set to correct elevation
* Wash grease build-up or debris from the system

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